Kottapuram Integrated Development Society (KIDS), which is the official organ for Social Action of Diocese of Kottapuram got established in 1987 simultaneously with the formation of the Diocese of Kottapuram. Ever since inception the society has been striving hard for the total development of the community, especially the poor and marginalized by integrating all the elements and resources of the community.

The vision of KIDS says: “To establish a just and self –reliant society based on human values.” As the vision says, KIDS thrust essentially entails an enabling process through which the target population live a life  of their own in self reliance with full human dignity and confidence and in complete harmony with nature.

KIDS, which is a registered voluntary organization under the  Travancore Cochin, Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act of 1955, has its headquarters at Kottapuram in Thrissur District, operating in four revenue districts, namely Thrissur, Ernakulam, Malappuram and Palakad.

KIDS has developed better standards in the fields of planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, accounting etc. Both Central and State Governments are shown keen interest in associati ng with KIDS for their various programmes. KIDS is facilitating its programme in such a way to serve the local bodies as well as Community Based Organizations like kudumbashree. It has made valuable contributions to the decentralized planning process of local bodies through participatory approach.

The perspective of social action have acquired dramatic changes during the last one decade, from a charity approach, KIDS was able to make significant progress towards making its projects and programme more sustainable.




                           KIDS -Together with PEOPLE 

                    When India was preparing to celebrate Independence on August 14th, the Social Services Department (KIDS)headed by Honorable Father Paul Thomas was preparing to face the terror strikes in Kerala. On August 15th, the KIDS started camping at the kids. The kid was the first camp in Kodungallur. On the first day, with the launch of 300 people, the second day was 2000 and 3000, with more than 4,200 people displaced. The surrounding place  was surrounded by water and it was difficult to reach the camp. The media too did not make this camp more interesting. In the early days to meet the needs of those who came only in the dressing room, many merchants and organizations came to the aid. But the truth is that no help from the rulers has reached this camp. But it was another camp without any complaints.
The Kids Campus was rich in flourishing food and clothing. Kidsun’s was the last camp that was dismissed. KIDS work was not limited to the camp. All those who lived in the camp provided food and clothes that were returned to their homes. Assistance kits are also distributed through various organizations, parishes and SHGs. And also with medical treatment,cleaning  and other services, without the payment of the kids .. Kid’s humanity is worth mentioning that the kids stood with the people by breaking up the wall of politics and religion.

“SNEHAMRITHAM” - A gentle touch for the Cancer patients

It was in 2014 April that KIDS launched the programme called “SNEHAMRITHAM” – ‘a Gentle Touch for the Cancer Patients’, to support cancer patients and their family members...

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Differently-Abled Person's Department

This is a department which is paid much attention. In 2012, soon after taking over his charge as Director of KIDS, Fr. Nixon Kattassery  made a very detailed survey the Disabled In ... 



Since 2000 KIDS main emphasis has been on the improvement of the conditions of the people through various interventions with the expert services available to the organization...


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