STAR-making Unit

Kottapuram Integrated Development Society (KIDS) has been working much to bring justice to the physically challenged from the very beginning. Nevertheless,   for the past 4 years, KIDS has been searching and finding ways and means to concretely bring changes in the lives of the  many physically challenged with whom it is working.  After establishing a fully equipped Advanced  offset press for them giving more chance for employability, the new venture of Fr. Nixon Kattassery, Executive Director, KIDS is to extent it to much more vulnerable group of physically challenged.  Keeping in mind the many persons with disabilities (PWDs) and their mothers who are tied up at home with them, he has come with another out-breaking idea of a Star-making unit for them.


The new "Star -making unit for the physically challenged" at KIDS Campus Kottapuram Bishop, Rev. Dr. Joseph Karikkassery, has blessed and inaugurated it.



The idea behind, is to let the PWDs and their parents stay at home and make the stars or other products like cake boxes etc.  The hope is that, the income generated by this will increase the social security of not only the PWDs but also their family members, which in turn will give a better social status for them. We look forward the support of many well wishers of ours, to give priority to the physically challenged and their effort to stand on their own feet.