Sneha Kids

A gentle touch for the Cancer patients

It was in 2014 April that KIDS launched the programme called “SNEHAMRITHAM” – ‘a Gentle Touch for the Cancer Patients’, to support cancer patients and their family members. The main objectives are to help them cancer patients financially, to support them and their family members morally and spiritually, to extend educational support  to their children. From the very beginning till today, we have received big support from good willed persons as sponsors or supports to raise fund through their talents.  We have been able to support more than 600 persons either in cash or by sponsoring their children’s education.

The background was that in 2014 April, due to the enormous request for financial help for cancer treatment, KIDS started a direct personal survey of cancer patients in Thrissur and Ernakulam District. The result was shocking as the situation was  very pathetic which called for an emergency action from social service organizations like KIDS.  Along with the survey, KIDS took the financial status, stage of the disease of the patient, support needed by the patient etc. According to the survey majority of the people residing in coastal villages of Ernakulam and Thrissur District along with the people from remote villages of the same districts affected by cancer are belonging to poor financial background.


 Given below is the final out-put of the cancer survey , the conclusion that, among the total survey conducted in the community such as: Kunnithai, Chathanadu, Paravur, V.Pthuruthu, Ezhkkara, Pallipuram, Turathipuram, Pullutt, it was found that a good number  in the above mentioned community are suffering from cancer, leaving many dead at a very young age. The age group affected are between age the of 50-70 years, suffering  from blood cancer, breast cancer, anal cancer, brain tumor ,uterus cancer, vocal cancer,  mouth cancer and so on. About 170 members are taken for study and among this majority were females victims of breast cancer, coming under the  age group of 35-65 years.

Following are some of the programmes which comes under the Snehamritham Movement which KIDS undertakes as a measure to control and curtail the growth of cancer in Society.

Cancer Detection Awareness Camps and Medical check

From 2014 onwards, as part of our “Snehamritham- a gentle touch for the for the cancer patients,  KIDS has been organizing Cancer Detection Awareness Camps and Medical check up with the support of the Regional Cancer Centre Ernakulum. During 2014-15, we have conducted 6 such camps between July 2014 and March 2015, supporting 625 women to undergo the medical checkup. During the year 2015-16, we could organise 9 such camps from April to September, 2015. This intervention of KIDS was very helpful to so many poor cancer patients as they could not afford to go for a check-up. With this check up,   they could be sure of the fact that they are not affected by Cancer and in a few cases where they needed medical help, they could do it at the earliest.

 Life Style diseases Awareness Programmes

Once the Cancer Detection Awareness Camps came to an end, KIDS began another campaign with the support of Social Security Mission and Malabar Gold namely “Life Style diseases”, basically giving awareness on diseases which are caused by the change in the life style of people from the traditional healthy homely food to the modern fast food or unhealthy food which are mostly poisoned with various chemicals and with many other unhealthy elements.  A medical check up also is made available in the mobile medical clinic. In this program the advantage is that, the mobile clinic will go to the people where they are and thus people are less inhibited check up is made possible to common people. This program is still going on covering many villages.  Mainly women benefit from this program as it goes to their neighbourhood . We far KIDS has been successful to support as many as1265 persons with this program and we have the hope that it is going to help many more.

SNEHAMRITHAM” –  Hair Donation Campaign of KIDS

KIDS has taken quite seriously the mission of spreading the message of hair donation for the cancer patients. We are really motivated by the positive response of the young girls. Smt. Nisha Jose has been very inspiring to the young people to donate their hair. So far we have conducted. 8 such campaigns initiating 25 girls to donate their hair for the cancer victims. We send the hair to  Sargakshetra Cultrual Centre.