Nai Roshni

Nai Roshni Handholding Report 2016

 It has been an enriching experience to conduct the Nai Roshni program for the 8 groups in various parts of Thrissur district. Leadership of women,  Programmes, Health and Hygiene, Financial Literacy, Rights of Women, Life Skills, Advocacy for Social and Behavioural Change were some of the topics covered during the training program. The resource persons were well qualified persons in the respective fields

There were follow up sessions for a year for the participants of the  Leaders’ Training Program.  This was as we suggested in our proposal with a view  to give them support to implement the knowledge they gained through the workshops and also to see how much expertise they are implementing.  We had trained 200 women in 8  groups and the  members were called together  during the  Women’s Day celebration. It was a great feeling for to  feel the strength of being part of a larger community with similar ideology. We had evaluation of each group to understand how the program was, what was the impact of it and also to get suggestions from the participants to improve the procedure for future.

Since we are keeping proper record of each and every participant with their photographs and their other details, we are in touch with them even after the program is over. We call some of them for other programmes which are going on here in KIDS.

Since self-employment was a major issue for almost all groups, we had invited many of them for the  self employment training programs, like Natural fibre craft, paper bag making star making etc, which opens new doors for them to start some kind of employment. We have admitted a few of them for the Leaders training of KIDS supporting them  to be our candidates for the coming panchayath or block elections. As for our Organization, these trained leaders can be our future facilitators

We also have discussions about issues like the electricity and water problem specially during the summer and some ideas of Recharging of wells, Rain water harvesting programs came up.