• Creates social awareness among the children and to equip and enable them to express their social commitment and concern.
  • Inculcates value oriented life style which is the need and demand of present generation.
  • Promote and expose their talents and help them acquire good positions in their career through quality education.

Poomottukal (Children’s Groups)

Poomottukal (meaning “Flower Bud”) are the Self-help Groups of Children where they perform mutual support and sharing to grow to be able citizens.

  • Vacation camps with Personality Development and Talent Search Programmes
  • Communicative English and English Grammar classes.
  • Participatory health and hygiene campaigns.
  • Mass campaigns by the children against Pan Masala and tobacco products.
  • Life skill trainings on Ornamental Fish rearing, organic Farming and Vermi-Compost.
  • Regular sponsorship for studious children from the poor families.
  • Ottimo – Entrance Coaching Programme

Riforma (SMART KIDS) Programme

The prime objective of the SMART KIDS programme is to promote academic and other extra-curricular excellence. Through this programme, the children are expected to attain higher positions in their life with social commitment, utilizing the existing facilities. The programme focus is on intensive training to the selected students by a team of committed and trained teachers from within the community. Regular trainings are conducted on Basic English, Basic Mathematics, Basic Hindi, Goal-Setting, Leadership, and Communication skills, Personality Development, Public Speaking, Career Guidance, General Knowledge, Learning Techniques and other Soft Skills. It is an intensive coaching program scheduled for 3 years for each batch.

Inclusive Children’s Parliament (ICP)

  • Building awareness among children about parliament system,
  • helping them to be good leaders.
  • Concretizing them about the societal problem and how to handle them with justice and peace.

KIDS is actively involved in building up young leaders by forming Inclusive Children’s Parliament (ICP). ICPs function at the neighbourhood level. Around thirty families living in a given neighbourhood together form a Neighbourhood Parliament.


    • In order to provide value based education in job oriented courses, KIDS is running a professional college named Jnana Deepavidya Peedham, and an Industrial Training Institute.
    • M.Com, MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA and B.Com with Computer applications (affiliated to M.G. University).
    • Short term and long term computer courses.
  • Implementation of Akshaya computer literacy programme of Govt. of Kerala.